About Us


Off-Leash K9 Training is known all throughout Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland (and even the United States) for their high level of obedience training. Nick White, the owner, has appeared in numerous magazines, television specials, articles, and is also known as a celebrity dog trainer to many high-level celebrities who have sent their dogs from all throughout the United States for him and his staff to train.

Now, we are proud to announce our nose work dog training in Northern Virginia, Northern New Jersey and North Carolina for owners who want to maximize their dog's full potential!



What is Nose work?

Nose work is a military and law enforcement concept that can be trained to household pets. These pets learn how to detect any odor the owner wants us to teach the dog to identify. Even if the odor is hidden in compartments throughout the house or even hidden in unfamiliar places outside in urban environments.

Any dog regardless of age, breed, size or temperament can enjoy and benefit from this activity. Nose work is great for building confidence in a shy dog, give an active dog an appropriate and challenging outlet for its' energy and help the reactive dog overcome its environmental sensitivity. Nose work also helps to strengthens the bond between dog and handler and best of all it is fun for both!

Narcotic detection dogs and military working dogs are used to detect the odor of narcotics and explosives. In nose work training, dogs are taught to detect legal odors such as Birch, Aniseed, or Cloves (and many more). The techniques of military working dogs and narcotic detection dogs, however, are the same exact techniques Off-Leash K9 Training employs for training their nose work dogs.

Dogs who have environmental or social behavioral problems actually become very good nose work dogs! Not only is it fun, engaging, and building up their natural sensory, but it is also an amazing confidence builder for these dogs!

There are no corrections involved in nose work training! Just like their military and police dogs, Off-Leash K9 Training's program is a reward-based training system. This means the dog learns that if it finds and indicates the desired odor, it will get a high value reward.

Off-Leash K9 Training has taken their experience in working with military/police detection dogs and has broken the training steps down into a fun-to-learn, engaging, and motivating system that all dogs and their owners can enjoy!